Anita’s Dance Factory provide exceptional comprehensive artistic education known as dance to those who wish to embrace it. They provide classes and services to all abilities.

Their teachers and professionals helps student to reach their potential, enriching their lives with knowledge and technique, teaching them the importance of working hard and striving to be the best they can by maintaining self discipline. They will be taught the importance of time management and how to positively spend their time not only in the class but also at home and in the wider world too. Their efforts will then be tested in a annual dance recital where parents and the audience will watch as our students fill their evenings with the knowledge they have learned throughout the year, a truly unforgettable day.

Students will also be given the opportunity to better themselves by advancing to professional classes where regular performances can be offered as well as teacher training opportunities meaning that one day our students can be teaching alongside their teacher, should they put their hearts into it, nothings impossible, here at Anita’s Dance Factory .

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